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Resource Recovery Parks & Food Scrap Composting Workshop, 12/17 Newport Beach, CA

Apologies for cross-posting ? please forward to interested parties.
Global Recycling Council ? CRRA and  Earth Resource Foundation present
"Making your Waste a Resource for the 21st Century: Resource Recovery Parks and Food Scrap Composting "
Wednesday, December 17, 2008  8 am to 1 pm
City of Newport Beach Central Library, Friends Meeting Room, 1000 Avocado Ave, Newport Beach, CA 92660
Visit www.earthresource.org for more details
Welcome:         Stephanie Barger, Earth Resource Foundation and Councilmember Nancy Gardner, City of Newport Beach
Portia Sinnott, Zero Waste Sonoma County:     ?Zero Waste Principles?
Rick Anthony, Zero Waste San Diego: ?New rules for Handling Community Discards and Organics?
Wayne Williams, PhD, County of San Diego: ?The Present State of Food Recycling in San Diego County?
Alexa Kielty, San Francisco Dept of Environment: ?San Francisco Food Scrap Composting Program?
Dan Knapp, Urban Ore: ?Resource Recovery Parks ? A New Revenue Source?
2:00 pm   Tour of Orange County Landfills ? please RSVP separately for tour to   zerowaste@earthresource.org or 949-645-5163
Special thanks to the City of Newport Beach and SGA, Inc for sponsoring
An evening of environmental networking, organic wines and enticing conversation
Tuesday, December 16, 2008   6 pm to 8 pm
Environmental Nature Center, 1600 16th Street, Newport Beach, CA 92660
 Learn about Zero Waste and who?s involved in Orange County and throughout California. Displays and short presentations. Feel free to drop-in for any part of the evening.
Special thanks to our evening sponsor ?"WARE DISPOSAL INC/MADISON MATERIALS"
From: "stephanie" <stephanie.barger@earthresource.org>
Date: Mon, 8 Dec 2008 15:11:25 -0800
Organization: Earth Resource Foundation
Stephanie Barger, Executive Director
Earth Resource Foundation
P.O. Box 12364
Costa Mesa, CA  92627
Sustainability: To move ourselves with elegance and joy within certain limits.  Paolo Guarnaccia - Zero Waste Italy

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