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5th Zero Waste International Dialog, Naples Italy, February 18-21, 2009

Apologies for cross-postings
5th Zero Waste International Dialog

Naples Italy, February 18-21, 2009

Join with advocates of Zero Waste from throughout the world to launch the concept of Zero Waste in Europe. Help: This four day meeting will be held at the Scientific Institut "A. CASANOVA"placed in Piazzetta Casanova, 4 San Sebastiano road at Port'Alba 80134  NAPLES, Italy.  

REGISTER NOW - go to: www.ambientefuturo.org

For Registration, local logistics, accommodations and visas
Please contact Rossano Ercolini ambientefuturo@interfree.it

Draft Agenda

Wednesday (2/18/09)
Zero Waste International Alliance (ZWIA) organizing and future plans (1-6 pm)
(for ZWIA leaders and other Zero Waste advocates)
Rete Nazionale Rifiuti Zero (Italian Zero Waste network), 7:00 ? 9:00 pm
Thursday and Friday (2/19-20, 2009) - Zero Waste International Dialog

Thursday, February 19, 2009
8:00 - 9:00  - Registration
9:00 - 9:20       - Welcome from Naples Mayors Office
9:20 ? 10:40 - Regional reports on Zero Waste policies, programs, practices and facilities implemented by communities around the world, starting with Italy. Speakers throughout day highlight successes in their region and what are key policies, programs and facilities for communities to adopt to move forward to get to Zero Waste.  Speakers will also be asked to address what support do local governments need from their state and federal governments to achieve Zero Waste?  How do Extended Producer Responsibility systems get going locally, by states, and by federal governments?  How and when should the public be involved in moving towards Zero Waste? What are examples of all these that have been adopted elsewhere, to serve as models?
11:00 - Regional Reports ? Other European Leaders
12:15 - Lunch
13:30 - Regional Reports (Africa, India, Australia, New Zealand, U.S. Canada, Latin America, China, Japan, Philippines)
17:00 - Discussion of Commonalities and Lessons Learned about how to adopt Zero Waste goal, what?s included in Zero Waste policies and plans, and how to implement Zero Waste policies, plans and programs.
18:00  - Dinner
19:00  - Presentation: ?Health Risks of Incinerators? Dr. Paul Connett
20:00  - Local Sustainability initiatives: Italian movements about water defense and against nuclear power.
Friday, February 20, 2009
8:30 - Registration
9:00 - Businesses Leading the Way to Zero Waste (European businesses that have diverted over 90% of their manufacturing waste from landfills and incinerators). 
10:50 - Proposals for Zero Waste Community Principles for communities to adopt to get to Zero Waste (Panel Discussion, with Facilitators).
¨         Rick Anthony, Presentation of Draft Principles
¨         Rossano Ercolini
¨         Mal Williams
¨         Joan Marc Simon
12:15 - Lunch, including Keynote Presentation: Brenda Platt, Institute for Local Self-Reliance, ?How to Stop Trashing the Climate through Zero Waste?
13:30 - Audience Participation and Moderated Discussion on Zero Waste Community Principles.
15:30 - Adoption of Zero Waste Community Principles (as amended)
17:00 - No host reception
18:00 ? Demonstration Supporting A Zero Waste Strategy In Naples
19:00 - Dinner
20:00  ? Zero Waste Italian Network session on toxic waste traffic in Naples and Campania Region (famous from "Gomorra" movie and book from Roberto Saviano).
Saturday (2/21/09) 9-5

Track A. Launching ZERO WASTE in EUROPE
1- Panel discussion: Zero Waste in Europe. Possibilities and challenges.
Speakers will explain and help define the concept as well as analyse possibilities and potentials of how Zero Waste should develop in Europe, including waste prevention, separate collection, and alternative strategies for 20-30% residuals. 
2- Presentation of Zero Waste achievements and practical examples from European Zero Waste communities.
(the aim is to show that Zero Waste exists in practice and discuss possible new places embracing Zero Waste in Europe)
3- Presentation of draft Zero Waste Strategy Paper.
(paper to help structure the debate and it should be amended with contributions.
3.a) Working groups on different aspects of the Strategy: definition, organization, communication?)
3.b) Presentation and discussion in plenary.
4- Working Groups on Next steps ? Where do we go from here to adopt models of New Rules and local Zero Waste plans? How could the different networks work together, including GAIA, ZWIA, ZERI, Italian ZW leaders and other appropriate networks? How to communicate throughout Europe on Zero Waste after this Dialog via new European Zero Waste Yahoo Group.
5- Launch of the European Zero Waste campaign and ZWIA Zero Waste Communities.

Track B ? Pursuing a NAPLES ZERO WASTE GOAL and PLAN
Naples attendees meet to fashion the outline of a Zero Waste Plan for Naples, with support of Zero Waste experts assembled for the conference.  This will apply the Zero Waste Community Principles adopted on Friday to the facts and situation of Naples.
¨         Naples attendees provide details on what is going on; what reuse, recycling and composting services exist;
¨         Zero Waste experts identify options for policies, programs and facilities to meet needs.
¨         Moderated discussion to agree on options to be explored further and how to get that done.
For More Information:
For information regarding participation as a speaker at this International Dialog
please contact Richard Anthony (Ricanthony@aol.com)
For Registration, local logistics, accommodations and visas
Please contact Rossano Ercolini ambientefuturo@interfree.it

REGISTER NOW - go to: www.ambientefuturo.org

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