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RE: Cutting Oil Life Extension

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Onsite recycling of cutting fluid aside and pending machining requirements, cutting fluid use has been minimized by using spray/misting-type technologies and also by replacing the fluids with air-cooling.
Compressed air was used for cooling the part in the observed instance but since the process pressure was well below 30psi it indicated a blower could perform the same function without the energy penalty involved using compressed air.
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It depends on the type of cutting fluid that is being used, the quantities involved and the machining requirements. There are a number of well proven ways that   synthetic cutting fluids can be recycled and a lot of info available. Check out http://wrrc.p2pays.org/industry/indsectinfo.asp?INDSECT=45 . References are a little dated, but the basics have not changed. Good luck.


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Greetings from Busan Korea.  Jeff and I are in a meeting and we are being asked about alternatives to extend the life of cutting oil.  Does anyone have an option for reuse of cutting oil, or any specific options for this company?