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RE: Cutting Oil Life Extension

Better yet to source reduce.  Please review the information here:

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>>> "Lockwood, Paul" <Paul.Lockwood@des.nh.gov> 3/17/2009 1:55 pm >>>
My thanks to Gary Hunt, Richard Illig, Sue Schauls and Deb Jacobson for
their responses to Mr. Vinson's question.  We happen to be working with
a NH metal fabricator that generates > 3,000 gallons of spent machine
lubricant and coolant, per month.  They just asked us the exact same
question and the replies to Mr. Vinson's query will be invaluable to us.


Although some people find it annoying to deal with a string of possibly
irrelevant list serve responses, there are just as many, like me, who
appreciate and surreptitiously use the resulting information.


Paul Lockwood

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It depends on the type of cutting fluid that is being used, the
quantities involved and the machining requirements. There are a number
of well proven ways that   synthetic cutting fluids can be recycled and
a lot of info available. Check out
http://wrrc.p2pays.org/industry/indsectinfo.asp?INDSECT=45 . References
are a little dated, but the basics have not changed. Good luck.


Gary Hunt


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Subject: Cutting Oil Life Extension


Greetings from Busan Korea.  Jeff and I are in a meeting and we are
being asked about alternatives to extend the life of cutting oil.  Does
anyone have an option for reuse of cutting oil, or any specific options
for this company?

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