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Re: Seems like a good day to be singin' the blues

Can't wait to see the video on you tube

then the channel on last.fm

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From: "Butner, R Scott" <scott.butner@pnl.gov>
To: <p2tech@great-lakes.net>
Date: 03/18/2009 03:31 PM
Subject: Seems like a good day to be singin' the blues
Sent by: owner-p2tech@great-lakes.net

A couple of good friends helped me pull this out of the dustbin.  

For those of you old enough to have been subjected to this once before, I am so very, very sorry.  

For the rest of you --  though it's almost the first day of spring, and the weather here in Eastern Washington is grand -- I just couldn't resist singing the blues for y'all…..

(now -- back to work!).


Got them old P2 Blues
By Scott Butner
(To the tune of “Heartbreak Hotel”)

Standing in DuPont Circle
singing "brother, can you paradigm?"
asked my baby for better treatment
but she just can't find the time
Time for them P2 blues....

Got them P2 blues
feel like I'm fallin' all apart
got to find some source reduction
for this hurtin' in my heart

Had a woman once who loved me
she told me I was cute
but when I became insolvent
she found a substitute
I found them P2 blues...

Can't shake these P2 blues
no matter how hard I try
I feel like the worst polluter
on last year's TRI

My baby said "it's over"
and you know that it's a fact
ain't no one in this world who loves you
if you can't clean up your act
I got them P2 blues...

Sad old P2 blues
You know that they're the worst
I guess I saw it coming
guess I should've stopped it first

She said my love was dirty
said she found somebody new
someone who makes her happy
someone who knows P2

I know them P2 blues...
Got them P2 blues
got to keep up with the times
Now I walk the streets all by myself
'cause I can't change paradigms

She found a man who takes his time,
someone who loves her right
a man with sustain-ability
to get her through the night

Can't get through those P2 blues...
Got them P2 blues
from my head down to my toes
she left me for some greener guy
But I guess that's how it goes

She took my car, my dog, my diamond ring
the cell phone and my cash
Left me a box of "Weed-be-Gone"
said it gave her a nasty rash

I got those nasty P2 blues
Oh my those P2 blues
Lord, can't you feel my pain?
So many years of her toxic love
just washed right down the drain

I swear I'll make it better
I'll pay the Total Cost
I'll give a full Accounting
to win back the love I lost

Can't lose these P2 blues...
It's just the P2 blues
you know it's not a joke
my heart is in the landfill
my love's gone up in smoke

I've been reduced, reused, recycled
I've been tossed out in the trash
she sent someone to throw me out
I said "please don't do nothing rash"

Nothin' like them P2 blues...
Got them P2 blues
hear these voices in my head
saying "fool! you weren't bein' green
now your woman's seein' Red"
(gonna kill that Red someday!)

Wasted my life, my time, my money
I spent them all too fast
Shoulda done some waste prevention
now the bad times are here to last

I got them P2 blues...
Got them P2 blues
I guess it really is too bad
my dirty ways done chased away
the best lovin' I ever had

Now won't you come home mama?
you been gone away too long
I swear I'll fix the compost bin
and start singing a P2 song

I'll sing those P2 blues
Got them P2 blues
gonna sing just one more verse
gotta make the world a better place,
not just keep it from getting worse.

End of pipe, or end of road
you know they're both the same
my baby left, I'm on my own
and there's no one left to blame
Just blame it on those P2 blues...

Oh, those bad old P2 blues
they're dirty and they're mean
let me tell you brother,
it ain't easy being green.

Scott Butner

Senior Research Scientist

Knowledge Systems Group

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
902 Battelle Boulevard

P.O. Box 999, MSIN K7-28

Richland, WA  99352 USA

Tel:  509-372-4946

Fax: 509-375-2443