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SG-W:/ New development in Pittsfield Twp

Today's (6/8) Ann Arbor News has a front page story about a proposed "New
Urbanist" development for Pittsfield Township.  It will be on 550 acres
which has "significant wetlands and woodlands".

According to the News, the group "Forever Green" was formed in response to
previous proposals for development of this property.  Are there any Forever
Greeners on this list yet who can fill us in on the property in question?

I have some questions for consideration:

Is this "New Urbanist" concept any better than what was previously proposed
or what is being currently considered?  Apparently the township is currently
considering rezoning the property either for high density residential or for
larger lots where the services they need to provide would be less.  (There
are some good web sites which discuss New Urbanism.  I will provide links

Is Pittsfield Twp. a "lost cause" at this point?  Should we be focusing more
on the outer townships with significantly more open space to preserve?

Apparently a planning forum (called a "charrette") is being planned to seek
community input.  How can we use a forum such as this (which will surely
draw a lot of attention) to draw attention to the need for a comprehensive
plan to address sprawl in Washtenaw County and beyond?

Please read the story and give your two cents worth on this.

Jeff Surfus