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Re: SG-W:/ New development in Pittsfield Twp

      I keep wondering what could be done just to have more people valuing
more what we already have so much that they would be willing to act to
it.  I know that it's a slow process-- education, and rebuilding of a
relationship to the land that has been lacking.  It's too easy to slide
along in an artificial, human-created environment and not really have
enough of a sense in the blood of the real need for the wildlife areas,
the green belts, the wetlands and the farmlands.  What could be done to
make that vital, felt?  I'm just asking-- no real answers, and I feel
sometimes a bit apologetic throwing out ideas when I'm not in the greatest
position to implement them right now.  The concept of a "model town"
created by imposition on a landscape, instead of a relationship created
with that landscape at a natural pace, sounds appalling at this juncture,
so pre-fabbed and theoretical.  

    Maybe something like Tour de Sprawl could be adapted.  Tour de What's
Left?  Tour de Wetlands with small groups, including
lectures/demonstrations on what is so important about wetlands? 

     For the immediate situation, I agree about a good old fashioned
demonstration, esp. with some imaginative element to make it a little
different and attention-grabbing.  I have contacts with street theater
people and am in a dance/poetry/music group that would probably be happy
to contribute to anything like this (though I probably shouldn't speak for
the others without asking them)

    Irena Nagler