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SG-W:/ Washtenaw County's efforts on "Sustainable Community"

As many of you may know, Washtenaw County government has kicked off an
effort to look at growth in the county, called the Sustainable Community
Initiative.  The steering committee has been meeting for the past year and
had their first public meeting last month.  The meeting was very well
attended, but more activists need to be part of the process to make sure
this effort is balanced.  (Note:  the chair of the committee is Woody
Holman, head of the Ann Arbor Chamber of Commerce and, I believe, a

To date they have accomplished very little, other than to go through the
momentous struggle of coming up with a name.

Based on a letter I received from the county, on June 17, the Steering
Committee will present their "draft strategic plan" and will begin an
"initial discussion on indicators."  The meeting will take place from 8:00
am until 10:00 am at the Washtenaw Intermediate School District in the Vogel
Rooms.  WISD is located at 1819 S. Wagner Road.

A larger more comprehensive meeting is scheduled for July 29 at 8:00 am at
the County Service Center, County Library, Learning Resource Center at
Washtenaw and Hogback Roads.

To their credit, the county really wants to have a good mix of people
participating in this process.  To date however, I would say the
environmental, minority, spiritual, and social justice communities are

Please consider attending these meetings to see what's happening.

Also email Marion Smith, smithmh@washtenaw.mi.us to get on the mailing list
for future Washtenaw Sustainable Community Initiative mailings.

Jeff Surfus