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SG-W:/ Today's New York Times

The front page of this morning's NY Times had a story about an Oregon town
striking a deal with Intel to *limit* the increase in jobs in order to
minimize the effect on the towns infrastructure and curb sprawl.   This
relates directly to some of the arguments made by Prop One supporters and
others about the real cost of sprawl.

And thanks to all who have been adding their two cents to the list serve.
I've appreciated the discussions this list has already generated.  I hope
that it will help people come to agreement about important issues, but
undoubtably there will be differing opinions about which specific projects
are and aren't 'smart growth.'.  As long as we all have the same long-term
interests, and we keep the discussions as respectful as they have been,
we'll all benefit from the debates.  At least, I know I will.  MB

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