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Public Hearing on a potential railroad development in Milan on 6/14. Read
below.  Please try to attend.


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From: McHokes@aol.com <McHokes@aol.com>
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Date: Thursday, June 03, 1999 12:40 AM
Subject: Monday June 14th Public Hearing at Milan Middle School

>Hi Jerry,
>This is the BIG meeting!!  We need to get the word out and encourage as
>people as we can to show up and express their interest or concern for the
>railyard project.
>The meeting is June 14th at 7:00 p. m. at the Milan Middle School.  For
>that may not
>know, the Middle school is on Platt Road on the west side of town just
>of Foodtown.
>We need to pack the place to show the level of concern that is present
>people who
>care what the future of the Milan/Dundee area holds for residents and
>Can you help in getting the word out.  For more info about the project,
>your browser to:

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From: Julie Griess <jgriess@provide.net>
To: Kevin Bell <kfb@provide.net>
Date: Wednesday,June 09,1999 8:31 PM
Subject: Fw: Railrode

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>Date: Friday, May 28, 1999 6:43 AM
>Subject: Railrode
>>Here is the info on the railroad we discussed at our monthly MCAT'S
>>The group in opposition has a web page
>>There are links there to maps, letters, meetings, impact etc.
>>The next meeting that I am aware of is Monday, June 14th 7:00 P.M. at the
>>Milan Middle School. This I believe is the zoning board's review of the
>>request for a variance for the property that the railroad is interested
>>MCAT'S do not have an opinion as this currently is not being looked at as
>>damaging to air or water in Milan. This could at any time be brought up
>>review. However, the financial gain and number of local jobs being offered
>>suspect. The additional flow of 60 trucks/hour on highway 23 [maybe routed
>>thru town on one of our frequent accident delays on 23], and additional
>>traffic thru town up thru Pittsfield, Ann Arbor and up to the Flint area.
>>With luck, while heading up north on vacation you could be lucky enough to
>>see the train 2-3 times.
>>If you don't yet have an opinion, please check out the web page [they meet
>>weekly also], and plan on attending the zoning meeting.
>>Happy Holiday Weekend