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SG-W:/ New Urbanism information

As discussed yesterday, the proposed development for Pittsfield Twp. will
apparently be designed using an approach called "New Urbanism."  According
to the Ann Arbor News article, this is a "modern, yet retro design approach"
whose "goal is to capture the spirit of neighborhoods before the
proliferation of car-focused subdivisions after World War II."

This certainly sounds in theory like a smarter approach to growth.

For more info on New Urbanism, check out the following links:

Congress for the New Urbanism: www.cnu.org.
New Urban News: www.newurbannews.com.
National Town Builders Association: www.ntba.net.
World Idea Networks: www.worldideanet.org.
New towns and neighborhoods center: www.townbuild.com.
Smart Growth Network: www.smartgrowth.org.
Seaside Institute: www.seasidefl.com/institute.
National Trust for Historic Preservation's Main Street Center:
Duany Plater-Zyberk & Company: www.dpz.com.
Moule & Polyzoides: www.mparchitects.com.
Dover Kohl & Partners: www.doverkohl.com.
James Howard Kunstler: www.kunstler.com.
New Urbanism resource index: http://bradley.bradley.edu/~ajh/nu.htm.

Happy reading!

Jeff Surfus