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SG-W:/ Doug Cowherd's points on the Bluffs

I want to compliment my friend Doug Cowherd's reasoned response to Peter Allen's criticism of the organization I'm involved in, Friends of the Bluffs, which is trying to save a beautiful slab of steep-sloped forest overlooking the Huron River.
Like Doug, I was disappointed to read Mr. Allen's ill-informed views on the land in question, and on the work that Friends of the Bluffs is trying to accomplish.
Friends of the Bluffs gets new members each month and is making steady progress in our efforts to show city officials and the public that the Autumn Ridge condo development is a bad deal for the community. I believe we will succeed because we are on the right side of this issue, and can easily show that the condo project is poorly planned, will devastate the site's natural features, and cause serious problems for the long-established neighborhoods near the forest. 
Like Doug, I believe that Mr. Allen has developed some good projects in this city, and I hope he continues to do so. Rather than take pot shots at a dedicated group of environmentalists, though, I wish Mr. Allen would concentrate his efforts at doing something useful with his vacant commercial buildings along North Main. The abandoned Robey Tire Shop, for instance, would make a much more logical site for expensive condos than a thriving hilly forest. 
Perhaps Mr. Allen and Autumn Ridge's Steve Schafer could team up on that...and let the rest of us get about the business of saving vital natural spaces.
--Bill Hanson