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SG-W:/ Planning Commission Resources


The Washtenaw County Metropolitan Planning Commission is a good resource for
planning information for all localities in the county.  Items available for
public review at the Commission include zoning ordinances and master plans
for all cities, villages, and townships.

In addition, the Commission annually publishes a directory of planning
information for the county.  This document has a wealth of information,

-County Board of Commissioners contact info
-County Planning Commission contact and meeting info
-County Park and Rec Commission info
-Other Department info related to planning
-Selected Neighboring Agencies
-SEMCOG info
-Detailed contact and specific planning meeting info for all cities,
villages, and townships

This directory is available for $3.00 at the Commission.  I have a copy.  If
you have a specific question about planning at the township level (meeting
times, commissioners, etc.), please let me know and I will provide the

The Commission is located at 110 North Fourth Avenue, 4th floor, in Ann
Arbor.  The phone number is 994-2435.

Jeff Surfus