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SG-W:/ SEMI Mtg: "Sustainable Business" topic

The next meeting of the EPA-sponsored Southeast Michigan Initiative (SEMI) 
Environmental Forum is scheduled for:
		9:30 am - Noon
		Thursday, June 24, 1999
		SEMCOG, Main Conference Room, 19th Floor
		Edison Plaza Bldg, 660 Plaza Drive
		Downtown Detroit (near the Federal Bldg & across Michigan Ave)

Their meeting agenda notice reads:
"Sustainable Business
William Stough, Vice President of BLDI Environmental & Saftety Consultants, 
and a member of the West Michigan Sustainable Business Forum Board of 
Directors will provide the Environmental Forum with an overview of the West 
Michigan partnership and highlight some of its achievements.

Southeast Michigan Business and Community and Economic Development leaders 
are invited to participate in the discussion and provide a Southeast Michigan 
perspective to sustainable business issues."

Generally, I have found SEMI meetings to be a waste of a good morning--but 
perhaps some people out there in listserve land might be interested in this 

Jack Smiley
Southeast Michigan Land Conservancy