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Re: SG-W:/ Interesting Pittsfield Twp meeting

I thought Duany's presentation was excellent, perhaps even outstanding.  He 
says all the right things about the current style of development, and I found 
very little with which I didn't agree, from a philosophical standpoint.  He 
was rather arrogant during the Q&A, and that detracted from his remarks for 
those who stayed.

The real question is, is his style of development appropriate for this 
location?  I see there being a number of really tough questions that the crew 
needs to answer, like:  how are you going to deal with the huge numbers of 
car trips that will result from this development, no matter how well it's 
designed?  How are you going to deal with the lack of sewer capacity?  What 
about real open space/natural area protection, not just postage stamp town 
squares, and connection to the already existing natural and developed 

I think it's quite novel to hold this process in a public place for public 
viewing and comment, but it's worth noting that much of the scheduled 
sessions are during the day when most people are not able to attend.

And they need to keep in mind that one mega project was already shot down on 
this site, so that if theirs doesn't fly that doesn't mean a typical 
Pittsfield slaughter sub is destined to be built there.  

By all means, head over to see what's up and make your statements known.
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