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SG-W:/ Fwd: Open space preservation: can you help?


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Dear friends:

In 1988, Ann Arbor voters passed a five-year millage to fund a parkland
acquisition program.  The resulting funds (matched dollar-for-dollar by
state funds) has funded the subsequent expansion of the Ann Arbor parks
system that we know and love.

The frenzied pace of development in our area makes the need for new parks
even more important.  Developers are lining up with proposals to build on
the remaining natural areas in Ann Arbor.  At the same time, the City is
almost out of money to acquire land for the parks system. Only acquisition
for parks will save most of this land.

Now is the time to seek the funds that it will take for the City to buy the
best open space and park connecting properties before they turn into condo
projects and parking lots. To get the money, we need to put a millage
proposal on the November ballot. To do this, we need to act now.

I'm writing you to ask whether you would be willing to help on the
campaign. The most critical task is to gather the petition signatures
necessary to ensure that the millage will be on the ballot.

You can help in two ways.  First, if you are registered to vote in Ann
Arbor (i.e., if you are eligible to vote for Ann Arbor city council
members), you can volunteer to help collect signatures yourself.  If you
want to help in this way, please contact me with an indication of how much
time you could devote to the petition drive during July (we need to turn
in our petitions in early August), along with a phone number and address
so you can be contacted.  Training in how to collect petition signatures
is available.

Second, you can help recruit other volunteers who are also registered voters
in Ann Arbor to collect signatures.  If you find any such volunteers, please
have them contact me.

I hope you will join me and local civic and environmental leaders on this
campaign.  Please feel free to forward this message to other open space

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