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SG-W:/ Salem Township and growth

Did anyone see the Ann Arbor News article from yesterday, 6/27, about the
growing pains being experienced in Salem Township?

Of particular concern is the interest that the Taubmann group is expessing
in building a big new mall along the M-14 corridor at Gottfredson Road in
the township.  The group has bought more than 200 acres in this area and are
apparently serious about it.  No formal papers have yet been filed with the

Salem Township is relatively rural as of yet (with the exception of the mega
landfill which receives huge amounts of garbage from the area and
Canada--but that's another problem!).  The soil conditions, the lack of
municipal water and sewer, and mostly unpaved roads have kept the township
from experiencing the huge growth that the adjacent western Wayne County
townships have experienced.

The last thing the area needs is another super mall to create more traffic
and open the floodgates to development in Salem and adjacent townships.

Apparently there are some active residents who have been able to stop some
proposed subdivisions in the township.  Hopefully, they can mobilize and
take on this development as well.

My question is, does anyone know any folks in Salem Township who have been
active in stopping development?  I would really like to talk to these people
and bring them into this listserv, as well.

Jeff Surfus

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