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Fwd: Re: SG-W:/ Last night's Pittsfield meeting

hope this works.

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Can you forward your impressions of the meeting to the entire
smartgrowth-washtenaw list, so others can see what it was like as well?

Good luck tonight.


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Date: Wednesday, June 30, 1999 12:42 PM
Subject: Re: SG-W:/ Last night's Pittsfield meeting

>Jeff, the developer was low profile--didn't take any questions. Slunk
>around like a snake.  Duany (SP?) was not hissed out, has many
>interesting theories which he believes to be fact which are worth
>thinking about in general.  Conveys himself like an anthropologist of
>urban design which he may be in the process of becoming but will not
>my vote until he loses the smirk of self satisfaction and omniscience.
>He needed to wind up his sales pitch with completion and concensus
>he didn't achieve.
>What was missing for me especially was a concern for environmental
>issues (outside of the token herons) and current research in this arena
>and THEN whether it is appropriate to develop his village and hamlets
>the area, and 2) his bottomline that consideration of traffic is beside
>the point.  Nonetheless, the man is bright, and I learned something
>him.  I think his ethnicity has a heavy influence on his thinking,
>is good but which he does not acknowledge.  He speaks about early
>American towns as the archetype, not his home country which I believe
>is really thinking about.  I did enjoy his ideas about constructing
>offices in homes out of which retired people and others can work
>reducing costs, traffic etc.  And his perhaps overemphasis on walking
>and how older people need this consideration in planning is very
>After I've spouted my impressions, I have to say that I didn't attend
>any other meetings besides last night's.  I'd actually like to meet the
>man one to one, to see if he continues to remain so arrogant or if he
>can actually get into inquiry with a fellow human being.  If he can't,
>he will just be a trendy kind of guy rather than a guru.
>More than you asked for, Jeff.  Tonight our planning commission holds
>its first working session on how to proceed with our moratorium on
>development in Webster Twp.  It will be interesting. I had a private
>meeting with other APRON members and the Chair, John Kingsley, last
>week, and he let down his hair rather wonderfully.  Now we will see how
>he does in the group.

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