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SG-W:/ Back to the streets for parkland!


On Monday night the Ann Arbor City Council rejected the resolution to put
the Parkland Acquisition Millage on the ballot. Despite passionate and
eloquent pleas from Chris Kolb, Pat Vereen-Dixon, Tobi Hannah Davies and
Heidi Herrell, the resolution did not receive the required seven votes.  
Mayor Sheldon and Councilmembers Upton and Putman all voted against it.

Thanks to all of you who packed the council chambers and spoke on behalf
of the resolution. We made an impressive showing that did not go
unnoticed. But now is the time to hit the streets again, hard. We have
another shot at Council in a couple of weeks, but it will be an uphill
fight to get the seven votes we need at the meeting.

So our job is what it's always been: to get to the target of 6,000
signatures in the next couple of weeks.  Can we do it? You bet! But we'll
*each* need to commit to getting another fifty to one hundred signatures
in the next couple of weeks.  If every person who cares about preserving
land as parks rather than under asphalt does their share, we'll win this

Haven't started yet?  No better time than the present to get cracking.
Already picked up a couple hundred signatures?  Great!  Enlist your
friends to help and show them the ropes.

Neena has been callling and emailing everyone possible about Art Fair. WE
NEED TO HEAR FROM YOU! Please let us know what you can do.  There will be
plenty of out of towners, but virtually every Ann Arborite makes it
through Art Fair at some point, so let's be there to let them sign
our petition. Over 90% of the people we ask to sign do so with a smile
and no debate.

Sign up for a petition shift, or stop by the Sierra Club booth to pick up
some petitions.  These next few days can make or break us, so it's no time
to coast!  Call Neena at 761-3186 ext 107, or email her at

Great cities have great parks.

Mary Beth Doyle			Doug Cowherd
761-3186 ext 108		662-5205

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