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Re: SG-W:/ Manchester Township grapples with mobile home plan

As a Mobile Home Dealer and developer I feel  i must respond to the comments 
I just read.

My company goes into old trailer parks and replaces old trailers with new 
manufactured homes. this re-establishes a lot already in use.which does not 
agriculture  and so forth.

But my point is the people who purchase new Manufactured Homes come from two 
groups.  One group cannot afford traditional site built homes in our areas 
and the other chooses a less expensive  housing alternative.  

The other point is these so called low income housing folks not only spend 
between $ 30,000.00 and sometimes as much as   $80,000.00 for their housing, 
which by local standards is not alot,  but they also buy automobiles  
groceries and consume all other kinds of commodities that depending on the 
trade you're in help push our very strong economy along.

I live on Jennings Road in Webster Township  and I certainly dont feel a 
mobile home park would enhance the area at all. 

Some changes are in order and youre right it is mostly wealthy established 
park owners on the Mobile Home Commission. It might be worth looking into who 
can run for those positions

Gary Haller
Northfield Homes

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