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SG-W:/ Re: AA Parks - it's up to us

Here's an inspirational tale of getting signatures for the Parkland
Acquisition Millage ballot proposal.



By way of encouragement to others, I had a productive half hour last 
night at Allmendinger Park. There were two ballgames--one men's softball 
and the other boy's baseball--going on and there were plenty of spouses, 
parents, and grandparents present to get signatures from, as well as a 
few parents playing with their kids on the playground. I got 15 sigs in 
less than 30 minutes. That's out of about 30 attempts--several were from 
Pittsfield, only 2 AA residents declined.

There are different groups of people at Allmendinger and similar parks 
each night. Give it a try. Three half-hour efforts would get you very 
close to your goal of 50.


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