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SG-W:/ Re: AA Parks - it's up to us

Here's another inspiring story of life on the Parkland Acquisition Millage
petition drive.  We have 7 days left.  If you are interested in helping,
please call Mary Beth at 761-3186 extension 108.


Like Steve, I had a pretty easy time getting parkland petition signatures.
Monday night I went to a large condominium complex with my petitioning
partner Brooklyn Bob. We spent an hour and a half quickly hopscotching the
units. It's summer, and in the post-dinner hours lots of people are
outside relaxing, gardening or cooling off.

We did 50 signatures in a little more than an hour. We walked very 
quickly and got a good workout in to boot. I enjoyed it. It is not hard.
Bob and I are going back for another two hours or so tomorrow.

My pitch: "Hi, I'm with People for Parks. Are you interested in signing a
petition to support Ann Arbor parks?" Either they are or are not. If they
are...I explain a bit more and get their John Hancock. If not, I thank
them and move on. It's hard keeping up with Brooklyn Bob. He's a fast


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