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SG-W:/ Parkland Acquisition Millage - top ten list

Top Ten Reasons To Circulate The Ann Arbor Parkland Petition

10. Without it, the privately-held open space in Ann Arbor is headed for
    Planet Condo.

9.  City Council refuses to allow citizens to vote on whether to buy more
    park land.  But we can get this on the ballot ourselves.

8.  One park millage plus State matching funds equals a decade of
    acquiring the best natural lands in Ann Arbor and the surrounding area
    that will be annexed to the City.

7.  For a few hours over the next five days, you can put off cutting your
    lawn or reading that novel and your town won't go to hell in a
    handbasket.  If you don't, it may.

6.  Your children and grandchildren will thank you for it.

5.  You'll be a proud member of a band of citizen activists who saved
    hundreds of acres of open space forever.

4.  You'll get to read another sputtering Ann Arbor News editorial
    complaining that citizens will have the opportunity to vote on the
    future of their town. Outrageous!

3.  If you wanted to live in Canton or Livonia you would have moved there.

2.  You want to paddle down the Huron River ten years from now without
    cringing at what you see on the banks.

1.  You care about nature and your community and you won't stand idly by
    while it is threatened by sprawl.

Five days left.  Want to help?  Call Mary Beth Doyle at 761-3186 extension
108 or Doug Cowherd at 662-5205.

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