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SG-W:/ AA Parkland Acquisition petition drive - Getting closer

This is it.  The last weekend. I feel like the flag should start waving
and Reagan talk about "winning one for the Gipper."  If things keep up at
this pace, we very well might win. We're within striking range, and over
the past couple of days people keep streaming in with more petitions. I'm
very encouraged and excited.

MORE BLANK PETITIONS: can be picked up, day or night, from the envelope on
the door of the Ecology Center offices at 117 N. Division, behind City

WHERE TO GO: You can find a good place by just looking around you.  Scott
picked up almost 50 signatures at a show at the Gypsy Cafe. Deb is going
to take the petition to her kids' soccer game.  You might want to spend
some time at the Kiwanis rummage sale on Washington and First Street
between 9 and 12 on Saturday (and pick up some good used stuff, while
you're at it.)  And don't forget the old favorites:  Farmer's Market on
Saturday morning, the Library anytime.

Remember, we're allowed to petition in any public park and on public
sidewalks (for the Public Library, this means the area in front of the low
brick wall, not right in front of the porch).  This also means in front of
theaters, Borders, Main Street, etc.


"I drove by the Ann Arbor Public Library last night and there were no
petitioners.  So we stopped. It was late, near dark, but we still did
brisk business with library goers and pedestrians. It's a gold mine of
supporters and we should be there for the duration. I encourage people to
just go down to the library if you have half an hour or so and reel in
some more signatures."

Thanks, Mary Beth

Mary Beth Doyle, MPH
Ecology Center of Ann Arbor
117 N. Division
Ann Arbor MI 48104

663-2400 ext 108

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