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SG-W:/ victories

What do these things have in common?

First, the Parkland Acquisition Millage gets on the November ballot due to
the gathering of 7,000 petition signatures.

Then, Joe Grammatico's proposed development in the floodplain of Malletts
Creek is resoundingly rejected by both the Ann Arbor Planning Commission
and City Council.

Finally, the University Hospital decides to shut down its dioxin-spewing
incinerator and build an autoclave system and increase recycling.

I think the interesting thread connecting these recent environmental
victories is that they are all amazing "upset wins" driven by grassroots
citizen action.  Without people from all walks of life coming together to
work on these projects, at some personal sacrifice, our community would be
a far worse place this today than it was a month ago before these
remarkable events.

A few years ago my wife and I seriously considered leaving this area,
largely due to what we saw as a bad trend in sprawl and pollution.  A baby
on the way gave us much pause for thought about what this place would be
like in the future, though we had loved living here since the early 80s.
We decided to stay - at least for a few years - to see if our community
could come together to try to preserve the best things about this place.  
So it means a lot to me personally to see how much we can do when we work
together.  I'm thrilled that people are making a difference on so many
fronts in Washtenaw County.

Doug Cowherd

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