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SG-W:/ get in touch with your commissioners

To all:

It has come to my attention that the Washtenaw County Board of Commissioners
are generally no longer interested in land use issues.  It seems that the
general consensus is that the issue was settled after Proposal 1 was
defeated last fall.  They are not hearing from their constituents!

Now there are a couple of commissioners who have been active in trying to
keep the issue of controlling growth on the commissioners' agenda, but they
are definitely in the minority.

The bottom line is the commissioners need to hear from YOU.  Call, write, or
email your commissioner letting him/her know that you are concerned about
how this county is growing and that you think that this is a problem that
the commissioners should be taking very seriously.  Tell them that attending
the Sustainable Washtenaw group meetings is not enough.  Tell them that they
should take an active role in adequately funding, overseeing, and directing
the County Planning Commission.  Right now the county comprehensive plan is
up for revision.  This is the perfect time for you to contact your
commissioner and let him/her know that you expect them to adequately fund
this process so that the result is a meaningful comprehensive plan with good
growth controls in place.

If everyone who subscribed to this list (There are now 73 subscribers!)
would take the time to do this, the commissioners would definitely have our

If you are unsure who your commissioner is, here is the list, with contact

Mailing address for all commissioners:

220 N. Main
P.O. Box 8645
Ann Arbor, MI 48107

District 1 - Joseph Yekulis (Village of Chelsea; Lyndon, Dexter, Webster,
Sylvan, Lima, and Sharon Twps) - phone: 475-3874 email:

District 2 - Martha Kern (Northfield, Salem, and Superior Twps) - phone:
483-3621 email: kernm@co.washtenaw.mi.us

District 3 - Richard DeLong (Village of Dexter; Scio and Ann Arbor Twps; and
the extreme NE corner of Pittsfield Twp) - phone: 665-5592; email:

District 4 - Carlos Acevedo (W and SW Ann Arbor) - phone: 994-6355; email:

District 5 - Barbara Levin Bergman (E and NE Ann Arbor) - phone: 996-5891;
email: bergmanb@co.wastenaw.mi.us

District 6 - Raymond Schultz (Milan; Augusta Twp; SE half of York Twp;
Southern half of Ypsilanti Twp) - phone: 483-1370

District 7 - Marlene Chockley (Pittsfield Twp; NW half of York Twp; NW
Ypsilanti Twp) - phone: 434-7389; email: mchockley@rc.net

District 8 - Michael DuRussell (City of Saline; Village of Manchester;
Freedom, Lodi, Manchester, Bridgewater, and Saline Twps) - phone: 428-7242;
email: durussem@co.washtenaw.mi.us

District 9 - Vivienne Armentrout (N, NW, and inner west portions of Ann
Arbor) - phone: 668-8579; email: armentrv@co.washtenaw.mi.us

District 10 - Christina Montague (N Central Ann Arbor) - phone: 662-9908;
email: montaguc@co.washtenaw.mi.us

District 11 - Jeff Irwin (Central Ann Arbor) - phone: 327-7154; email:

District 12 - Leah Gunn (S and SE Ann Arbor) - phone: 663-7307; email:

District 13 - Al Robinson (Central and southern Ypsilanti) - phone:
482-5861; email: al.robinson@emich.edu

District 14 - Suzanne Shaw (North Ypsilanti; northern and central portions
of Ypsilanti Twp) - phone: 483-7314; email: shaws@co.washtenaw.mi.us

District 15 - Dillard Roy Craiger (east and NE Ypsilanti Twp) - phone:
483-8158; email: craigerd@co.washtenaw.mi.us

Please take a few minutes to let your commissioner know what you think.

Jeff Surfus

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