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Re: SG-W:/ Re: Victories

All of Kris's suggestions are good ones:

She said:

>I think what Webster and other rural townships can do now is:
>Enact a PDR program so farmers who volunteer to do so can receive money
>  and not sell out their farms.
>Do an inventory of natural features in  your township to find out where
>  the best places are to preserve natural areas and where you might want to
>  allow development.
>enact natural features protection standards to protect specific features
>  like creeks and wetlands.
>Enact an open space ordinance so that, if development occurs, at least it
>  doesn't consume all of your open space (A2 Twp. is working on language
>  right now - I'll keepyou posted).

   One thing she mentioned in her e-mail, but did not make a suggestion
about, is joining up with other Townships, Villages and Cities.

   Regional planning has been talked about for a while around here.

   It can happen two ways - one is top down - the State could pass a law
mandating regional planning. This is really not likely to happen any time
soon, for many very strong political reasons.

   So what's left is bottom-up. Townships, Villages and Cities should just
go ahead and start talking. If anyone on the list has a governmental
position, why not just start? Call up the next-door Township.

   For starters, one can imagine that neighboring Townships could harmonize
their open space and natural features ordinances.

   Someone just has to begin.

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