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SG-W:/ Victories

Thanks Kris & Erica for many thought provoking comments.  I'm glad to
see I'm not the only one struggling to understand the many issues
involved and know what to support.  I have been looking for a model to
follow and it appears we are all looking.  I live in Salem Twp, future
home of SE Michigan's next mega-mall (if the Taubman Co. has their way).
Since all our townships are facing the same issues, and spending a lot
of money on lawyers and consultants, it makes sense to me to  pool our
resources and brainpower to find the best solutions.     FYI, a study
done for us recently recommended that Salem make the M-14/Gottfredson Rd
interchange an "Urban Services District", bring in water & sewer, and
allow more intense development in this district than the current 2 acre
minimum.  The legal reasoning is that by providing a "mix of uses" we
stand a better chance in court of defending restrictions elsewhere in
the township, and thereby maintain our rural character.  The study was
done by Planning & Zoning Center (Lansing), our consultant Don
Pennington, and others. A public hearing is Sept 8.  Are they right?
We can only hope because it sounds like it will be approved.

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