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SG-W:/ Salem Township

>From my perspective, that is a terrible recommendation.  If Salem Township 
creates an "Urban Services District" at the M-14/Gottfredson Road 
interchange...it will assure that Taubman build's his destructive mall.  How 
ironic that Taubman was instrumental in building the Fairlane Town Center in 
Dearborn, which nearly devastated the east and west Dearborn shopping 
districts.  Visit the Fairlane mall today and you'll see a number of boarded 
up areas where stores used to be (and east and west Dearborn still haven't 
recovered).  Some people just aren't content with being a negative influence 
in one community.  They seem to be on search and destroy missions--provided 
they can make a few bucks.  Allowing an "Urban Services District" is 
comparable to the proverbial camel's nose in the tent.  Development begets 

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