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SG-W:/ Taubmans and all the others.

It's unbelievable that we may have another disgusting megamall that might be 
built by Republican Party donor, Mr. Taubman.  I once disrupted then Senator 
Dole's speech at the Plaza Hotel in Southfield.  Among the attendees at this 
Michigan State Republican Party fundraiser were Mr. Taubman and other 
Michigan fat cats.  If people like the Taubmans, Monahans and the De Vos' 
have their way you can be sure that all of Washtenaw County will be converted 
into one flat stripmall, one after the other, with plenty of conservative 
developer politics to boot.  Why are we giving these people the power to 
destroy the natural features, the rural land and ultimately ourselves?

David Rosenberg

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