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SG-W:/ regional planning

Someone mentioned regional planning.  This is happening in the western
part of the county, where Chelsea Village and Manchester Village are
each starting to work with their surrounding townships to come up with a
regional plan.  Folks interested in good land use decisions should
participate.  Here's how:

The Chelsea Area Communities Visioning, 1998-1999 meets the third Monday
of every month.  They usually identify the time and location of the next
meeting at the end of each meeting.  For September they will be meeting
at the Dexter Township Hall - 6880 Dexter-Pinckney Road on September
20th at 6:30 PM.

There isn't a chair, but the best people to contact are the supervisors
of the township. The following are the phone numbers for these contacts:

Bob Tetens, Supervisor of Dexter Township: (734) 994-3127
Gary Adams, Supervisor of Lima Township: (734) 475-1891
Maryann Noah, Supervisor of Lyndon Township: (734) 475-2410
Gerry Dresselhouse, Supervisor of Sylvan Township: (734) 475-8890
Sue Starky, Chelsea Chamber of Commerce (734) 475-1145
Richard Steele, Chelsea Village President, Village Board (734) 475-1771

For the Southwest Washtenaw Council of Governments Regional Planning,
1999-2000. They meet every second Wednesday at 7:30 PM.  Below is a
listing of their tentative meeting schedule:

September 8, 1999  Bridgewater Township Hall
October 13, 1999 Freedom Township Hall
November 10, 1999 Sharon Township Hall
December 8, 1999 Manchester Village Hall
January 12, 2000 Manchester Community Schools
February 9, 2000 Manchester Township
March 8, 2000 Bridgewater Township
April 12, 2000 Freedom Township
May 10, 2000 Sharon Township
June 14, 2000 Manchester Village Hall

The Chair of the Committee is Jim Fish who is the Bridgewater Township
Planning Commission Chair.  His number is (734) 456-4842.  You could
also contact Ron Mann, Supervisor of Manchester Township, Bob Little,
Supervisor of Freedom Township, or Carol Peacock, Supervisor of
Bridgewater Township.

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