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SG-W:/ Pope at the Bluffs


This Monday a special visitor will help the Bluffs and the Ann Arbor
Parkland Acquisition Millage hit the big time. No, not *that* Pope.  This
one is from San Francisco not Rome.

Sierra Club Executive Director Carl Pope will be standing on the Bluffs in
Ann Arbor at 3:20 pm on Monday to make a public statement attacking the
proposed Autumn Ridge Development, which will destroy hundreds of trees,
acres of wetlands, and bulldoze steep scenic ravines overlooking the Huron
River.  Pope will call for the Bluffs to be preserved as parkland.  He
will also endorse the Parkland Acquisition Millage that will be on this
November's ballot.

Carl Pope is the head of America's most influential environmental group.
His willingness to personally support preserving the Bluffs is an
indication of the importance of our grassroots effort to stop the
developers from tearing apart yet another forest to build yet another
luxury condo project.

I hope you can join us at this remarkable event. Directions are below.

Doug Cowherd
Co-Chair, Sierra Club-Huron Valley Group



Time:  3:20 pm, Monday August 30th

Place: "Pope at the Bluffs" will occur behind Wendy and Kevin Lynn's house
       at 1313 N. Main Street in Ann Arbor.  If arriving by car please
       park across the street - a 4 minute walk to the Lynn's house.  Here
       are directions:

* Driving north on Main Street from downtown Ann Arbor, go 1/2 mile past
the Summit St. intersection (w/traffic signal) and then turn right on
Lakeshore Drive. Drive slow.  This *tiny* street is *just* past a large
brown-brick building with a white "Swisher Realty" for sale sign posted in
front.  If you go too far, you soon will approach the M-14 on-ramp ahead
on the right, and the Huron River Drive entrance on the left.

* Drive down Lakeshore Drive towards the Huron River.  Cross the railroad
tracks.  After the gravel road bears left, park to the right in the grassy
parking spots facing the Huron River.

* Walk back up Lakeshore Drive to Main Street (about 80 yards).

* Turn right (north) and walk about 40 yards up Main Street.

* Cross the street when you see the red house at 1313 Main Street with the
Sierra Club sign out front.

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