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SG-W:/ land protection/community service

To all,

The following message is from a local nonsubscriber.  I felt that his
questions may be answered by someone subscribing to smartgrowth-washtenaw.
Please send any responses directly to him as he will not see responses to
the list.

Jeff Surfus


I would like to post the following questions to the group regarding land
protection and non-profit community service:

1. Do conservation easements in Michigan ever have the potential to
relieve local/municipal property taxes?

2. I know someone who is interested in establishing an organic farm that
would provide food to the local community, provide community education,
and provide learning opportunities for those interested in organic farming
practices.  Would this group be able to obtain non-profit status
(non-profit is their objective)? Would non-profit status help relieve
property taxes?

Any help with these questions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Jon Kazmierski

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