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SG-W:/ Tour de Sprawl is de coolest

I sure had a great time at Saturday's Tour de Sprawl III.  I've followed
environmental issues around here for almost 20 years, but I learned quite
a few new things on the Tour.

One thing I learned is that the proposed Pittsfield Heritage Area that is
now under serious development threat ("Newmarket") is far more beautiful
and more valuable ecologically than I had supposed from my casual drives
through the area.  I had only seen the worst of Pittsfield - this area is
the best.

The Tour got good press, a fine audience, and a wonderful turnout of area
political representatives (State legislators Brater, Hansen, and
Wheeler-Smith, Ann Arbor council members/candidates Herrell, Kolb, Kwan,
and Yarkin).  I took my 21 month-old daughter Marianne on the Tour, and
she had a splendid time.  Where else could she see so many of her favorite
things: citybus, bykissles, chickens, horse eating an apple, train tracks? 

Thanks to all the volunteers (many are part of this listserve group) who
organized this terrific event. Bit by bit, we are capturing public support
for saving the land we care so much about.

I hope others will share their perceptions of the Tour.

Doug Cowherd

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