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SG-W:/ Auto Use

> [snip]
> > Or maybe this idea is dumb, and instead people who have made an effort
> > to reduce or eliminate car usage should be profiled in environmentalist
> > house organs for inspiration.
> Tim,
> Though I'm not aware of any house organs, I hope to talk about your idea
> with the editors of two local environmental group newsletters of
> impeccable quality. I'd love to read such an article.
> Doug Cowherd

I think that the article, to be effective, would have to be very
adroitly angled.  A story about a recluse who works as a computer
programmer in his apartment above a grocery store and who hasn't
used a car in twelve years will just appear pathetic.  Yet also
a story of a near-martyr saint who rides a bike in sleet and snow, pulling
family of four behind, might elicit some admiration but too little

Instead I would envision a story that talks of the difficulties in avoiding
car travel with which we can all identify.  Frustrations with buses,
lack of respect for bicyclists, little support from friends
and employers, etc.

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