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SG-W:/ Suggestions for State level proposals

Some possible State level initiatives:

I quote from Russ, Thomas H. and Philip Blake
_Journal of Soil and Water Conservation_: July/August 1993, vol. 48, no. 4:
pp. 318-319, who examine the need for change in the rights and
responsibilities of private property owners. (It is of interest that they
say that land owners have "responsibilities". This is often forgotten.)

"Some possible avenues for change:

(1) encouraging the use of environmental impact statements in evaluating
local land uses (carrying capacity, pollution impacts of land use and
associated activities such as traffic or wastewater);

(2) requiring the use of an "environmental balance sheet" for projects
involving public funds;

(3) requiring regional approval of land uses and local growth controls that
have effects that extend beyond the local level;    "

   I think that any of these might have a reasonable chance for passage at
the State level. I think that (3) in particular might appeal to State
legislators, who end up paying for roads and pollution controls that are
engendered by residential and commercial development that they have not had
control over.

						- Bob Johnson

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