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Re: SG-W:/taxes and incentives [was "lawsuits and zoning"]


I don't know of any examples of what you're talking about. Below is a 
reply I received from Vivienne Armentrout. Apparently she doesn't think 
any examples exist (at least in our county.)

I did check out the WDC website (http://wdc-econdev.com/) and talked with 
someone about them. I'm planning on looking into it some more to see if 
opportunities exist for better land use incentives. Have you dealt with 
them at all?

Check out the County Incentives page on their site. The most interesting 
thing I saw there was that all communities in the county offer tax 
abatements--except Ann Arbor. This seems almost backward (from our 
perspective), at least for the more rural townships and 
villages--although the City of Ann Arbor may not feel a need to offer 
abatements to attract businesses. Rather than argue against tax 
abatements, though, I'm interested in first determining if they could be 
"conditionalized" somehow to incorporate the kind of policies we'd like 
to see. Any thoughts, anyone?



Have you heard of the Washtenaw Development Council? It is a nonprofit
funded by contributions from various govts (including the county) and I
believe chambers of commerce which seeks to bring industry, business,
etc. to our county.

As for the taxes you mentioned, there is no legal framework for what you

Steve Bean wrote:
> My brainstorm blew off course a little. Here are some quick thoughts that
> resulted from it.
> Remove the economic incentive for development--tax developments at a fair
> level for the infrastructure and environmental and social impacts they
> create, and then tax them some more and use the surplus from those that
> go through to purchase development rights to other lands and provide
> economic incentives for building and living in urban zones.
> Remove or counter any incentives for people to move here--are chambers of
> commerce or others actively working to attract businesses and people to
> work in them to our county? If so, why? Can we stop or counter this and
> thereby stop some of the influx of people?
> Beyond these options it seems we're left with existing tools: planning,
> zoning, purchasing land/development rights.
> Thanks for the prodding, Jeff.
> Steve
> >There is a very disturbing thing happening in our county and I sure would
> >like to see some brainstorming here about what to do about it.
> >
> >Any answers?
> >
> >Jeff Surfus


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