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[Fwd: SG-W:/ lawsuits and zoning]

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Could you please resend your response to the whole group?  I imagine that
was your intent, but it only went to me.

Jeff Surfus

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> The risk of lawsuits comes in part from belief (in some states,  the
> law) that every local government with land use authority must provide
> the opportunity for all types of land uses (commercial, residential,
> industrial, recreational) within their jurisdiction.  That means even
> a tiny township must provide for all of these uses in its
> comprehensive plan (if it has one).  Otherwise, there's risk of a
> "land use discrimination" lawsuit. I know this is the state law in
> Pennsylvania.  Can someone tell me whether this is required in
> Michigan?
> Since Jeff asked for some brainstorming --here goes.
> As I see it, it is unreasonable and unnecessary, expensive and
> duplicative for every small local government to provide for all of
> those land uses.  What makes more sense is to ensure that all of these
> uses are provided for within a larger area, say a county plan.  That
> way, some areas within a county can choose to retain more rural
> qualities while others can choose the growth option.  Some sharing of
> resources (i.e, tax-base sharing, such as is done in the Twin Cities)
> may be necessary so that those areas that choose to remain rural don't
> suffer financially as a consequence. This seems to bring us back to
> the issue of to more planning authority at the county level (i.e.
> Maryland).  For this to work in Michigan, with it's strong "home
> rule"  sub-county governments would have to see a real (financial)
> benefit in giving the counties more authority.
> --Victoria Pebbles
> Jeff Surfus wrote:
> >
> > There is a very disturbing thing happening in our county and I sure
> > like to see some brainstorming here about what to do about it.
> >
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