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Re: SG-W:/ Great Lakes Greenfields Exchange

Hello All:

There's a new web site that you may be interested in:  The Great Lakes
Greenfields Exchange.  This purpose of this web site is to provide
information about greenfields (ag and open space lands) in the Great
Lakes region.  Check it out at:


The Great Lakes Greenfields Exchange is essentially a sister web site
to the Great Lakes Regional Online Brownfields Information Network
(ROBIN)--http://www.glc.org/projects/robin/robinhome.html.   The two
web sites will eventually be tied together through an umbrella web
site called BRIDGES (still under development) that will provide
links/information on the broader issues of land use (including smart
growth) and sustainable development for the Great Lakes region. 

Like most web sites, the Great Lakes Greenfields Exchange will be
regularly updated and improved as new information becomes available. 
If you know of good links/information on greenfields issues, please
pass them along to me.  (Remember, for the greenfields exchange web
site, it should be greenfields-specific--land use/smart growth links
information will be added under BRIDGES).  

In particular, I'm exploring the idea of  creating a "greenfields
toolbox"--as part of the web site that will include specific tools for
protecting greenfields (i.e. model, laws or ordinances).  Your
thoughts on the usefulness of such a toolbox would be welcome.

The Great Lakes Greenfields Exchange is a product of the Great Lakes
Commission. It was created as part of a project called BRIDGES with
funding support from the C.S. Mott Foundation.

Victoria Pebbles
Great Lakes Commission
400 Fourth Street
Argus II Building 
Ann Arbor, MI 48103-4816
p: 734-665-9135
f: 734-665-4370
e: vpebbles@glc.org

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