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SG-W:/ county plans

There will be a presentation to the Board of Commissioners on October 6
about "sustainability".  This is part of the budget process and is the
county administrator's explanation of his allocations and priorities.
(The other part of the agenda is on housing and homelessness.)  The Ways
and Means meeting begins at 6:30 and public comment is invited at the
beginning and end of the meeting, which is likely to last no more than
two hours.  No signup is required and an unlimited number of people may
speak for 5 min. each.

This is a good opportunity to hear one view of regional planning/land
use; also to express a support for some role for the county.

The county's support for Sustainable Washtenaw will probably be
explained (at least I intend to ask questions).  Also, the grant program
for LIAA in which GIS information becomes more accessible to the public
(see the local page of the Ann Arbor news, Sept. 28) should be
explained. This is being presented as a solution to regional planning
and land use.  In my opinion it is simply an information vehicle.

My priority is to support the county comprehensive plan process.  This
should be the real regional planning discussion countywide.

A show of public interest in this issue will help shape future budget

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