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SG-W:/ Rally for the Ann Arbor Parkland Acquisition Proposal


You are invited to the "Great Cities Have Great Parks" rally that
will kick off the last week of the Parkland Acquisition Proposal
election campaign.  The rally will start at noon this Sunday
(October 24) at Wheeler Park (between Depot and Summit streets, down
by the train station).  We'll have cider and doughnuts, and some
inspirational (but brief!) speeches. 

This is your chance to meet other campaign volunteers who share your
commitment to protecting nature and expanding our parks system.  You can
pick up your "Yes For Parks" yard sign, and join the groups that will go
out to distribute our terrific campaign literature in neighborhoods all
over town.

In case of very bad weather, we'll have the rally indoors at the Ecology
Center (117 N. Division).

Literature distribution groups will also be going out from the Ecology
Center (117 N. Division) from 10 to 2 on Saturday (October 23), if this is
more convenient for you.  And of course you can come by the Ecology Center
from 9 to 5 any weekday to get literature to do your own thing.  We'll
know where "uncovered" streets can be found in your area.

If we get the Parkland Acquisition message out, we'll win this election
and our town will preserve up to $15 million of new parkland.

Questions?  Please call Jae-Jae Spoon at 996-8042.

See you at the rally.

Doug Cowherd

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