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SG-W:/ A way-out idea

Donna Estabrook wrote:
>One reason I don't like the idea of high gas prices to cut down on car use
>is because of people who are on the low end of the economic ladder who
>couldn't afford to get to work or the grocery store, etc if gas prices were

	I live near one of the very last of the neighborhood markets
(Jefferson Market, on the Old West Side, currently closed for remodeling).
When I was a boy, there were perhaps 20 of these mom-and-pop markets in the
downtown area.
	My friend once suggested that Meijer could buy the Jefferson market
and set up other tiny auxiliary markets in neighborhoods.  People would
order what they wanted on-line, and Meijer would ship it to their
neighborhood market that day.  Instead of everyone in town driving out to
Meijer every week (tens of thousands of cars), there would be a fleet of
Meijer trucks (hundreds) bringing the products within walking or very short
driving distance.

Dan Ezekiel

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