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SG-W:/ Dialing For Parkland

Here's the word on how you can help win the Parkland Acquisition Proposal
election from the always inspirational Mary Beth Doyle. Doug

Just six days to election day.  People For Parks volunteers have done an
incredible job so far, but THERE'S MORE TO DO IF WE WANT TO WIN!

Starting Thursday evening we're going to be calling a list of environment
supporters (who are frequent voters) to remind them to vote on November
2nd.  These people signed our Parkland Acquisition petition this summer,
or they are members of local environmental groups. These are the people
who will win the election for us. But only if they come out to vote.

A few people have signed up to help make calls, but not enough. To provide
added motivation as you consider helping out, here are some inspirational
replies to The Five Most Common Excuses For Campaign Volunteer Passivity.

EXCUSE #1:  We're sitting pretty. The campaign doesn't need my help.
REPLY:  The reality is that all proposals that will raise taxes are hard
to pass. They rely on high voter turnout. And next week many people won't
be very motivated to go to the polls because the outcome of their ward's
City Council race is a given. If 100 volunteers each put in a couple hours
making reminder calls to likely "Yes For Parks" voters, it will make a big
difference in a low-turnout election.  Possibly the critical difference.

EXCUSE #2: I called last year for Proposal One and it was challenging.
REPLY:  This will be much easier.  These are simple election reminder
calls to likely supporters on a simple issue that Ann Arbor voters
understand well.  Many of our calls will be to just leave a message on an
answering machine.  This will be enough to raise voter turnout.

EXCUSE #3:  I'm already doing a lot.
REPLY:  Thanks for your help. But if you can carve out just a *little*
more time and spend a couple of hours on the phone, it will make a big
difference. We may win or lose by a small margin, so every bit helps.

EXCUSE #4:  I don't live in Ann Arbor so I can't help.
REPLY: Sure you can!  *Anyone* can help call.  And when we win, everyone
but a couple of cranky people at the Ann Arbor News will be happy to have
you come enjoy the new parkland, too.

EXCUSE #5: I'd like to help.  But I don't know how to sign up.
REPLY:  Just call or email me, Mary Beth Doyle at 663-2400 ext 108;
marybeth@ecocenter.org. We're looking for people to come to the Ecology
Center at 117 N. Division (behind City Hall) for two hour shifts (see
schedule below). If you can't join the charming and cheerful crew at
People For Parks HQ, you can call from home.

We're flexible, but we're looking for people to sign up for these times:

THURSDAY Oct 28:  5-7 pm & 7-9 pm
FRIDAY, Oct 29:   5-8 pm (Alright, this is 3 hours.  Do what you can.)
SATURDAY Oct 30:  12-2 pm, 2-4 pm, & 4-6 pm
SUNDAY Oct 31:    12-2pm & 2-4 pm
MONDAY, Nov 1:    Anytime all day, 5-7 pm & 7- 9 pm.

Great cities have great parks. Working together, we'll win.  Pick your
time slot and give me a call or email.

Mary Beth Doyle
663-2400 ext 108

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