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SG-W:/ Walk for Parkland


It's Parkland campaign quiz time.

Question:	What is green, purple, black and yellow, and if read
		all over will cure the confusion caused by reading the
		Ann Arbor News' stories about the Parkland Acquisition 

Answer:   	The "Great Cities Have Great Parks" campaign brochure.

The News is publishing a flurry of stories suggesting that there are
"better ways" to save natural areas than the Parkland Acquisition Proposal
- like waiting for millions of dollars of private donations to float down
from the heavens. At the same time, over 2,000 of our terrific four-page
color brochures explaining the Proposal are sitting in boxes, cold and
lonely, down at the Ecology Center.

This means 2,000 potential "Yes For Parks" voters have only the Ann Arbor
News to guide them.  The News has now editorialized 8 times - a record? -
against the Proposal. In an election that may see only 10,000 people vote,
the doubt and confusion they sow can cause serious damage.

As you might have guessed, I ask you for your help in fighting back. Let's
get those last 2,000 brochures out in the hands of potential voters so
that they are well-informed enough to dismiss our opponents' strategy of

If you can spare even an hour to walk a few streets dropping off the
Parkland Acquisition Proposal brochure before next Tuesday, you can make a
big contribution. Stop by the Ecology Center (117 N. Division, behind City
Hall) between 10 am and 2pm this Saturday or Sunday to pick up a map of
streets that need "lit dropping" and some brochures. If you'd like to get
your map and brochures sooner, please contact Jae-Jae at 996-8042 or
jaejae@umich.edu.  She'll set you up with a route designed to suit how
much you want to do and where you'd like to do it.

Great cities have great parks. Working together, we can win this election
and save over 200 acres of open space forever.

Doug Cowherd

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