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Re: SG-W:/ Tax cost of residential development

In a message dated 10/27/1999 3:54:57 PM EST, jamullet@umich.edu writes:

<< If you haven't seen a study that looks at urban development, how can you 
say anything about it with that much certainty? >>
Perhaps you missed the word "generally" in my response.  Sorry if you 
interpreted it as gospel.

<<Do you know of a study that says that commercial and industrial facilities
are a net gain?>>
Only the cost of community services studies I referenced, which do endeavor 
to account for road and infrastructure costs to the degree possible.  Those 
studies are for one fiscal year, however, and some costs of that nature may 
not be on the screen during that period.  They also do not consider the 
impacts that commercial and industrial facilities cause, namely increased 
residential development.  In the short term, commercial/industrial is a net 
gain in the taxes v. cost analysis, but increased residential development 
will eat up that surplus eventually.  Scio is a case in point; their margins 
are getting smaller even taking out the school cost, for which they don't 
govern but do influence.

Copies of the Scio COCS are available from WPLT for $10 at P.O. Box 186, 
Dexter, 48130.

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