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Re: SG-W:/ apologies

You don't have to apologize to me, John.  As I noted in my response, I don't
think I was attacking BL (Barry Lonik?), but rather statements he was
making.  Likewise, I took your email as a challenge to the way I was saying
things.  That's fair.

My wife says that I'm too literal at times.  That is, I use words intending
their dictionary meaning, but that many people have other connotations for.
I expect to have to clarify things occasionally, since people attach
significance to the words that I didn't intend when I wrote them.  That's
certainly happened before.

I'm more used the *real* flame wars that go on in the bike, pedestrian,
urban-transit, and other newsgroups.  In those cases, you learn to be very
precise and literal.  Smart-Growth Washtenaw is quite civil and sometimes
casual in comparison.

Ken Clark

----- Original Message -----
From: John O Bingamon <jobber@umich.edu>
Subject: SG-W:/ apologies

> I'd like to apologize to Ken and the group for a message I sent out
> earlier today. It was meant to be sent out only to Ken, but I apparently
> hit reply-to-all instead of reply-to-sender. Thanks to those who pointed
> this out to me. Sorry, Ken, I didn't mean to "flame" you before the group!
> -- John Bingamon

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