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SG-W:/ 2nd Floor Utilization

> From tcarpent@isd.wash.k12.mi.us Thu Oct 14 14:34:03 1999
> Date: Thu, 14 Oct 1999 14:43:01 +0000
> From: Terry Carpenter <tcarpent@isd.wash.k12.mi.us>

> here is a wacky idea i just thought of to utilize 2nd floor store front
> space...what if there was a balcony connecting the buildings together (i
> know it would cost alot and i am sure there are other probs w/ that
> idea).  are there other cities that utilize the second floor better. 

I've considered this idea, too, Terry!  Often to beat your competition
you've got to borrow their good ideas; malls often use a second
floor in a way that creates visual excitement.

Some cities have new multi-story shopping environments; new
developments that are somewhat like malls but more open-air.  
San Diego and Denver come to mind.  Also many cities have
old multi-story arcades; everyone seems to love them (Cleveland
has a nice one.)

I was imagining something a bit different from those:  adding on
a second story access to existing shops.  Start with one block of
Main, adding a grill balcony one flight up, with places to
sit.  Maybe even provide an escalator (malls do).  This would
open up much more storefront potential, and would create an interesting

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