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Re: SG-W:/ Zoning and ordinances as a Infill Cost

Zoning and ordinances are coming up as one of the big problems in the
Northeast Area Plan process.  We've discussed a lot of ideas to make
development more pedestrian, bicycle and transit friendly, reduce need for
cars, reduce cost of development to improve affordability, and reduce
imperviousness.  One of the problems we keep talking about is Ann Arbor's
ordinance requirements for parking, road widths, etc.  We haven't gone into
much detail on what the current parking requirements are and how they might
be changed, but we're slowly building agreement that they are part of the
problem and need to be updated.

There is some flexibility (many would argue too much flexibility) in Ann
Arbor's zoning code in the form of Planned Unit Developments, which as I
understand them, allow the developer to build developments that to some
extent circumvent other zoning requirements, creating a Planned Unit
Development Zoning District, as long as the project ends up being approved
by the Planning Commission and Council.  While that sounds like it gives the
developer complete discretion, it really doesn't, since the Planning
Commission and City Council don't usually grant variances without a good

I don't know to what extent zoning adds cost to projects.

Ann Arbor's zoning and land development ordinances are available online at
the Planning Department's section of the City's website:
The rest of the ordinances are available online at the City Attorney's
section of the City's website:

Ken Clark

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