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SG-W:/ What's going on in the townships?

To our township activists and others in the know:

We haven't been hearing much on the listserv lately about what's happening
out there in the townships.  I can't believe it's been that quiet.

Erica et al:  What's the latest from Webster Twp?  Is the moratorium
ongoing?  Any more addressing of the master plan?

Ross and others:  Where do things stand in Dexter Twp with the new zoning
ordinance and with the proposed car wash at N Territorial/Dexter-Pinckney?

Scio Twp folks:  What's the latest on the proposed subs along Liberty Road?
Is there any reaction to this week's final approval by the Board of
Supervisors of a new Meijer at Zeeb and Jackson Roads?  (Since I live in
Scio, my reaction is utter dismay.  Zeeb and Jackson Roads are already WAY
OVERCROWDED and the new Meijer, along with the proposed new County offices,
and rumors of a proposed Lowe's superstore, will only turn a bad traffic
situation into an impossible one!)

Salem Twp:  Any more info on the proposed Taubman mall?  Other updates?

Pittsfield Twp:  What's next for the Newmarket plans?

Sharon Twp:  I don't think any Sharon folks have yet subscribed, but you may
have heard that the Board of Supervisors denied the proposal for the huge
mobile home development in Sharon Twp in an area not zoned or for mobile
homes.  The developer has turned around and filed a lawsuit against the
township.  The Stewards of Sharon folks are at a loss as to what to do next.
They are considering helping the township fight the lawsuit by hiring their
own lawyer, but their preference would be to raise the money and buy the
land outright and turn it into a conservancy of some type.  Wouldn't that be
a great ending to this story?  Any ideas about how they can accomplish such
a thing in a relatively short period of time?

Any other township folks care to update us?  Superior, Ann Arbor, Lodi,

Let's use this forum to keep each other updated as well as continue the
great discussions that have taken place.

Jeff Surfus

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