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SG-W:/ Interesting Conference coming up

I thought folks on these lists might be interested in this notice I
received from someone on teh Mallet's Creek list.

>Date: Thu, 18 Nov 1999 11:00:46 -0500
>From: Ron Emaus <remaus@umich.edu>
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>To: "mallett's@umich.edu" <mallett's@umich.edu>
>Subject: Interesting Conference coming up
>I just received an announcement for a National Conference entitiled
>"Tools for Urban Water Resource Management and Protection." It's Feb
>7-10, 2000 in Chicago. The main sponsors are Chicago Botanic Garden, EPA
>Region 5 AND Northeastern Illinois Planning Commission! I think we
>should urge our planning Commission to attend. Anyone have any ideas on
>how to accomplish this?
>Unfortunately, I don't see a URL for a web site so I may have to copy my
>announcement and pass it out at the Commission meeting. Others who might
>benefit are the Drain Commissioner's office and the HRWC. Probably the
>City utilities department also.
>They have a session on "Stakeholder & Community Involvement in
>Stormwater Management." They have sessions and tutorials on site
>planning. Chris Yoder from Ohio EPA will discuss Using Biological
>Criteria to assess and classify urban streams. And lots of other
>interesting sessions.
>The Saginaw Bay and the three rivers flowing into the Tittabiwassee
>(sp?) was a National Wet Weather demonstration program in the early
>nineties and the Rouge was also a National Wet Weather demonstration
>project. These were EPA region 5 sponsored programs and I'm hoping they
>learned some useful things and will convey them to participants. (Aside:
>once you get on an EPA mailing list, you're there for a very long time.)
>    -- Ron Emaus

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